Altis is making things clearly better for the legal profession.


One central place

With cloud-based technology, Altis stores all your documentation and notes in a relevant case file which can be accessed and shared with multiple authorised users from anywhere in the world. By providing an easy to use, accessible environment, Altis allows a flexible workflow for you and your colleagues to work from.

The bigger picture

See an overview of all your cases and any outstanding tasks and observations.The reporting system allows you to filter just to see the cases you are interested in and you can download this information to take to meetings.


Collaborate with the other side of the transaction instantly by sharing documentation and making observations. Altis takes the hassle out of communicating and helps cut down on typing time by providing quick email links to key contacts, and stores a style bank of email templates which auto-populate with the relevant case information. This communication is also logged within Altis so you are able to keep track of your correspondence within every case. Altis also offers an in-built Customer Relationship Management tool which can be integrated into your existing database as well as an optional portal to keep your client up to speed on the process.

Automatic document creation

As well as auto-populating existing email, document and letter templates, Altis can also pre-populated applications and search forms at the click of a button. This has been made possible through our work with Registers of Scotland, Revenue Scotland, CML, Lenders and various search providers.

Customise workflow

You can customise Altis to suit your workflow and keep your processes running smoothly whether you’re acting for the buyer or seller. You only need to enter your client’s details and risk assessment once – so no more double keying. With all case files at your fingertips, it’s easy to keep everyone up-to-date.

Mitigates risk

Altis mitigates risk and increases efficiency – and it’s the only platform developed in partnership with The Law Society of Scotland. As well as providing a secure and transparent environment for both you and your client, Altis boasts a customisable conveyancing Checklist which guides users through the transaction, ensuring nothing is missed, and an activity log which stores the key information of all actions made on the case, a valuable tool should any claims be filed regarding a transaction.

Free customer support
and training

As well as free initial training for all users and an online Help Guide, we offer  comprehensive personal support via our dedicated Customer Service Team.

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